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Akron Beacon Journal prints persuasive letter to the editor about Charney's candidacy — points to experience and expertise

Prepared For The State School Board

I am starting my 29th year of teaching in the Akron Public Schools. During that time, I have witnessed what seems to be a growing number of individuals who would like to pin many of society’s ills on the public schools. Nobody would deny that challenges exist.

Michael Charney understands the complexities of the issues. A candidate for the State Board of Education in District 7, he would be a champion for public schools.

After meeting Charney, I felt compelled to respond to the Aug. 25 letter “An effective state school board member.” The writer praised Charney’s opponent, incumbent Sarah Fowler.

Fowler has never set foot in a school as either a teacher or a student (she was home schooled). This is not an indictment of Fowler. After reading her biography, she seems nice. I would probably ask her to speak to my economics class on her entrepreneurial accomplishments. However, she does not have the necessary knowledge or experience to fully understand the workings of our state educational system.

Approximately 92 percent of Ohio’s students attend public schools in our state. Charney does not deny the right of parents to choose other alternatives; however, he does insist that charter schools of various stripes be accountable for your tax dollars.

Charney’s credentials speak for themselves. As a responsible voter please access his website,, and other objective appraisals, and see for yourself.

Brian Nank
Cuyahoga Falls


Priorities For Education Policy

1. Listen to the expertise of classroom and school educators to define classroom life
2. Focus on the literacy life of three- and four-year-olds
3. Regulate on line charter schools so that public school districts do not lose hundreds or millions of dollars
4. Promote public education — not the privatization of public schools
5. Emphasize arts, music, extracurricular activities and physical education as well as career and college ready preparation
6. Use the insights of motivated high schools students to help their peers who fall behind
7. Raise the minimum wage