Month: June 2018

Loft Conversion Cambridge

Your teenager is growing up and needs a bit of privacy, and you have decided to convert the attic into a loft for them. Loft conversions are quite common, but getting one done properly is not so easy. The builder that you choose for your project matters – if you go with just any Cambridge builder you may not get the results that you are looking for. Worse yet, they may compromise the already existing structure of your home.
The first question you should ask any builder that you have in mind is whether they have done loft conversion in the past. Ask them to show you proof – they should be able to give you at least 3 names of homeowners that they have done this kind of work for, and they should also have good pictures that they can show you.
Have a detailed discussion about the kind of loft that you have in mind. There are many different loft designs available, and you want to have one built that not only fits in with the existing structure, but also fulfils the needs of your teenage child. You should ask the builder to show you sketches of the completed work. If you are not happy or if you would like any alterations made you should talk to the builder after you have seen the sketches.
Make sure that you work with a builder who gives a warranty not just for the labour, but also for the materials that they use. You may get expert workmanship, but if the builder uses cheap materials your loft will not last a very long time.
One of the most reliable builders in Cambridge is MJ Salmon & Son. They are able to do all kinds of loft conversion and they use the best materials. You can see some of their work on

Paddock Maintenance Suffolk

You are new to horses and are wondering how much time and money you should spend on paddock maintenance. Many novices make the mistake of not taking care of their paddocks because they don’t realize how important it is to have clean paddocks. If you don’t take care of your paddocks on a regular basis there are several problems that you can expect to deal with down the road.
The first is ill horses. When a paddock accumulates manure parasites develop in it and sooner or later horses consume those parasites and can suffer from a variety of sicknesses. Some of these can be so serious as to cause death. Cleaning your paddocks on a regular basis ensures that your horses are eating clean grass and remain healthy.
Another problem with a dirt paddock is that horses tend to eat around the manure which means that some sections of the paddock will be overgrown while others are overeaten. The end result is a paddock that is uneven – not the very best of sites. Manure in the paddock also encourage weed growth – over time the paddock may have so many weeds that it becomes useless.
You can avoid all these things by making sure that your paddock is clean at all times. Be prepared – horses drop a lot of manure every day so the paddocks have to be cleaned frequently. You can hire grounds workers to do the job for you. They have paddock sweepers – machines that collect horse manure – that will clean a paddock in a matter of minutes. Paddock sweepers pick up manure and all other debris that is on the ground leaving the grass healthy for your horses to eat.
One company that provides this service is ProGroundcare. They can come around any time you want them and clean out all your paddocks for a reasonable fee. Find out more on their website,