7 important things to consider before hiring freelance PR expert

Hiring a pr expert is no easy task. There are so many options available and if you want to register success on your investment, you should not rush the process.
Whether it is your first time embarking on the pr journey or you are looking to hire someone new, it is important to be clear on what you are looking for and whether the person or agency you are considering can meet those expectations.
Below are seven important things to consider before you hire a freelance or expert.
It is important that the agency pr individual you hire has experience dealing with companies in your industry. Despite the fact that pr skills are quite easily transferable from one market to another, having experience and a strong understanding of your specific niche means the pr expert can start producing results much faster. For example, they will have an idea of what tactics could work for you.
References are a great way to gauge whether or not a pr expert can actually deliver results. Before you hire anyone, ask them for references of past clients, any authentic pr freelancer should be able to share contacts to some of their past or current clients and you should perform your due diligence before you make any further decisions. Get in touch with the references and ask them about their working relationship with the agency and whether or not they were satisfied with the results.
Like references, testimonials are an indicator of a pr expert’s ability to produce results. However, they should not be the final deciding factor because they do not form a strong basis for a final decision.
Measure of success
Ask the Pr freelancer what quantitative and qualitative measures will be used in regards to reporting and measuring the value and success of the program. It is important you choose a pr freelancer who has a proven measurement approach.
Terms of the contract
It is crucial you understand how the pr freelancer charges for their services and how flexible they are with the kind of services they provide. Plus, put into consideration your budget in relation to their fees, types of services, and how long the contract lasts. Select a pr expert you can afford and whose services best suit your needs.
Case studies
Case studies offer you a detailed report of how a pr expert worked with a particular company, the strategies and tactics used and the results achieved. Ask to see their case studies, they could be proprietary, however, they should have them.
Teamwork and collaborations
You should also have an understanding of how the pr expert works. Whether or not the work is individualistic or they work in a team and if they collaborate with outside companies. This will give you an idea of their work ethic.
In conclusion, it is critical you take time to carry out research before you hire a freelance pr expert. Additionally, take into consideration the points mentioned above and ask all the necessary questions. Do not make a final decision unless you are completely satisfied with the answers.