Glass Staircase Balustrades

You have seen quite a few glass staircase balustrades and as your home remodel is coming up you are wondering whether they are something that you ought to think about. Glass staircase balustrades have become rather common in recent years and it is because they come with several important benefits. Read on to find out what they are:
•    A glass staircase balustrade is a great way to make your home look bigger without adding any square footage. The glass reflects light creating the illusion of a bigger space. If you live in a small home this is one way to add space to it without really adding any space.
•    A glass staircase balustrade is a good idea if you have small children. When you have wood staircase railings there is always the chance that a child will stick his head through the rails and get stuck. Not with glass – it is one continuous panel so your children are safe at all times.
•    Some people worry that glass can break and cause untold damage and even injuries. This will not happen because glass banisters are made out of a material called tempered glass. It is strengthened to ensure that it doesn’t break even when it experiences high impacts. In fact, many people choose glass staircase balustrades because they last a long time.
•    A glass balustrade will not need much by way of maintenance. You clean it the same way you clean your window panes – a bit of a wipe and a polis and you are good to go. Wood, on the other hand, requires polishing every few months.
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