Here Are Some Luxury Journals To Inspire You To Write

They say that the art of journal writing is already. That’s a shame because journal-writing offers plenty of benefits. Bark & Rock aspires to bring back the art of journal-writing with these luxury journals that are made from natural materials such as wood and rock.


Journals with covers made from wood are probably the most luxurious. This one is made from Ziricote wood, which grows in the USA, the Caribbean, and South, and Central America. It is believed that the tree has been cultivated since the Mayan Empire. The beautiful contrast is created by the difference in colors between the heartwood and the sap that streaks through the whole mass. Apart from the different shades of brown, you can also see times of black, purple, and even green on the cover. The natural patterns on the wood vary from linear to swirly. They look like elegant artworks created by nature itself.


The padauk tree is native to the Andaman Islands, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, South China, and Central and Tropical West Africa. The wood is cut into quarters to expose the beautiful vertical and straight grain of the wood. The padauk wood is known for its unusual colors. The colors range from red to orange and even vermillion. The padauk tree is closely related to the Narra tree that is known for its strength, durability, and attractive color. The wood lends a smooth finish to the journal cover. The result is a beautiful journal that is sure to be loved by whoever will receive it.

Oak Black

Journals with black covers look elegant. They are ideal for individuals who are looking for a professional-looking journal. The cover of this one is made from oak, which is probably the most popular of all the British native trees. Oak is native to Europe but it can also be found in Asia and North America. Oak trees can reach heights of more than 40 meters. Oakwood is known for its strength, resilience, and inherent beauty. The cover of this journal is dyed black to give a modern look to the classic lines of the English Oak veneer. The black dye made the dene wood grain more prominent.

Mango Crown

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly yet luxurious journal then this mango crown journal is for you. Mango trees are harvested for wood only after they have stopped bearing fruits. So you can consider this journal as an earth-friendly by-product of the food industry. It’s as zero-waste as one can get. But this is not the only thing to love about Mango, however. Mango veneer is also known for its rich colors and glowing sheen. Mango wood is typically used for ukulele making and for creating small home ornaments.

Vesuvius Rock Journal

If you’re looking for a more unique-looking journal, then you should consider getting a cover made from a rock like the Vesuvius journal. Named after the famous that destroyed most of Pompeii in 79 AD, this journal has an elegant cover reminiscent of ancient statues.