Hiring a marketing and pr agency on a freelance basis

Many small businesses and startups have limited resources, so they cannot afford to hire full time staff for marketing and public relations (pr). Similarly larger businesses and organizations may be interested in using specialized services for their pr and marketing activities. Hence they are interested in competent, experienced agencies like Blue Lizard Marketing offering marketing,pr and related services on a freelance basis. The business is interested in hiring their services based on the market conditions and their budget., They would like to find the marketing and pr terms and conditions freelance, so that they can ensure that these terms conform to their requirement.

Many businesses also have well established products and services, so they require additional help for marketing only when they are launching new products or services. Hence hiring a marketing agency only for a product launch or special event is usually more cost effective for the business since they do not require a highly paid, experienced marketing employee for their regular activities. Depending on the requirement of the business the marketing agency can be hired for a specific time duration, for completing the product launch, or the agency may charge the business on a hourly basis for their activities.

Though most businesses are marketing their products online, these products are often not tech related, and the business will not have any technical staff with internet skills. Hence for digital marketing, it is better to hire a specialized digital marketing agency on a freelance basis for digital marketing services. The business can closely monitor the effectiveness of the digital marketing in terms of leads and orders which are generated. They can then decide to increase or decrease the online marketing budget based on the effectiveness of this marketing method.

Coverage in the mainstream media, is free advertising for a business. Yet most business owners are not aware of how the mainstream media is working, how to get their story covered in the media. Hence most businesses wish to use the services of a specialized PR agency which has the necessary experience in handling the mainstream media and covering the business in the media. The PR agencies will prepare the press releases on behalf of the business to promote the products, services or any special event, for the business. They will also distribute the press releases to online and offline media.

The PR agency will develop the relationship between the media and the business, to ensure that the business gets coverage for relevant features and events. They will also ensure that events organized by the business or sponsored by it get coverage in the mainstream media. They will also create compelling descriptions of the business when it is being considered for business or other awards. The PR agency will also ensure that the business is featured in case studies. Reputation management is another service which the PR agency will undertake on behalf of the business, especially if it is getting negative publicity. Depending on the results obtained the business can renew their contract with the PR agency or terminate it.