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You need a good seller or distributor and a manufacturer of quality precision parts tailored for applications of air conditioning and heat exchange systems. Some of the best distributors of these components supply in various sizes, but some need custom components that must be adapted as needed.

While there are many manufacturers that manufacture precision components that fit two types of air conditioners, such as room air conditioners, Mini-split air conditioners and evaporative coolers. To discover these components, it is necessary to find such a good manufacturer or distributor.

Brass in air conditioning:

Since the components of the air conditioner are usually made of elements, these components will carry water and be surrounded by moisture. It is strongly recommended because it is resistant to rust and can be molded flexibly as needed.

The components required in the air conditioning system are air valve adapter, adapter, flare nuts, brass feeder unions, brass connectors, service valves, etc. All these components are manufactured with materials of international standards IS-319.

Air valve adapter: used for the manufacture of commercial and domestic air conditioning units. The air valve adapter controls the flow of air in the pipe.

Brass adapters: manufactured for extensive use in the outdoor units of mini-split air conditioning units. The brass adapter is used in pipe connections.

Brass flare nuts: used for indoor units of domestic and commercial air conditioners. A flare nut is used to connect and protect the flare tube edge adjustment,