UK Boarding Schools

There are many boarding schools across the UK but not all of them are created the same. Since you want the best for your daughter it is important that you do your homework (forgive the pun). You should compare different schools so that you can see what each has to offer. These schools often schedule tours for parents so get your name is several lists and when you visit make sure to ask all the right questions.
Start by finding out what kind of curriculum is offered – there are some boarding school UK that lean strongly towards the arts, others towards the sciences and there are some that attempt to find a balance. The school that you choose will depend on your child’s strong suit as well as what you want for them. Talk to some of your child’s prospective teachers and get a feel for who they are. Do they seem like the kind of people who can offer emotional and spiritual support when your child needs it? Are they prepared to work with your child at a pace that she can cope with? Are they open and honest people who have only the best interests of your child at heart?
You should also look into what kind of extracurricular activities are on offer. You want a school that has a variety so that your child can have fun and also learn additional skills that they can use later in life. Sports are also a must – not only do they help your child stay fit, but if she excels in a sport she has the option to go professional.
One school that has an excellent curriculum, strong faculty and lots of extracurricular activities is St. Francis College in Hertfordshire. It does everything to make sure that girls are equipped with the right skills to help them become successful.