Weeds on Football Pitch

Your football pitch has fallen into disrepair in recent months and nothing you do seems to be working – the weeds are growing faster than ever. Maintaining a football pitch is not easy if you don’t enlist professional help. If you are not careful it can become so overgrown as to render it unusable. Before that happens you should hire a grounds maintenance company. These companies maintain sports pitches and grounds such as on estates and clubs.
That may sound simple enough, but it isn’t – there are many such companies out there so you need to do a bit of research before you hire any of them. The first thing you may notice is that many of them are actually lawn care companies that also claim that they can take care of large grounds. It takes a different skill set to take care of large grounds. You need to be looking specifically for companies that are trained and equipped to reclaim a football pitch such as yours and make sure that it can be used most of the time.
You may want to look into whether they have enough people for the job – the number of technicians that they employ can tell you whether they are a lawn care company. If they take care of grounds they will have a larger workforce. You should also find out whether they have the right equipment for the job at hand – it requires more than a lawn mower and a few hand tools. What chemicals they will use to get rid of weeds is also telling – the best grounds care companies ensure that they only use chemicals that are safe – your grass will remain intact but the weeds will be gone.
ProGround Care is one Cambridgeshire grounds care company that is fully equipped and trained to help you. Find out what they can do for your football pitch on https://progroundcare.com/.