Benefits of glass whiteboard wall

Glass whiteboard wall is one of the hottest new product which is replacing the traditional chalk board. The wall-mounted glass slate can be written on with a dry cloth, liquid chalk and even grease pencils to create a variety of different effects. With its easy-to-clean surface and unlimited potential for customization, this innovative glass sheet could improve your office’s design or break down your walls into interactive digital displays.

Benefits of glass whiteboard wall

  1. Save space

With the traditional chalk board, the wall is covered with many pieces of chalk and erasers. These pieces of equipment can take up a lot of space, especially if you have a big office. With glass whiteboard, there will be no need for these things. Simply draw on it and erase it later. And even if you want to use chalk, it still won’t take up much space. But remember that glass whiteboard is not indestructible; there are some health effects when you use it for a long time writing on it or drawing pictures on it. For that reason, you may want to consider which material should be used if you do a lot of work on your work area or wall.

  1. Easy ato clean

You will not have to worry about the chalk marks on the surface of the glass whiteboard wall. The design of the whiteboard is very good and easy to be cleaned, and you can use a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner for that. With a little bit of moisture, dry wipe it quickly and it will not leave any marks. Although with liquid chalk, it will be more difficult for you to clean since it is fluid paper rather than a solid surface. But if you are planning on using chalk in your children’s school or daycare so that they write on it instead of dirtying their hands, then they can be easily washed down with water after writing.

  1. The board is not easy to crack

The whiteboard surface of the glass wall does not easily crack, because it is made from special material. Some whiteboards are made from glass, but they are thin and fragile. On the other hand, this one is not fragile at all; it is also a good solution for your office wall. In addition, you can use any whiteboard marker with this glass board so that writing on it becomes more interesting and challenging. The whiteboard material used in a conference hall or classroom is usually very tough, but with this particular board you can get a different effect.

  1. Multifunction

It is designed for both work and play. The glass whiteboard wall is suitable for any office space since it can be used in the home, school or at the office as well. With this product, you can write on it and draw on it to create a variety of different effects. If you have an idea that you want to show your family or friends, simply write it on the glass whiteboard wall and display them in your office space. You can put your own words on it to create a very personal design.