How to find a plumber

Plumber are professionals who install, maintain and repair pipe systems, heating and cooling equipment, pumps and water heaters. Learn more about the job, responsibilities of a plumber and how they are trained. Find out where you can find a professional plumber in your area.

Plumbers are responsible for the installation, repair or maintenance of large piping systems in buildings – be it a building that has plumbing or one that is being built with new plumbing fixtures. They may also be tasked with maintaining pumps to provide service to other parts of the building such as communal areas like lobbies or roofs.

How to find a plumber

  1. Ask for referrals from friends and family

The first place to go to find a plumber is to ask around, particularly friends and family. Relaying information to them will help them to recommend a professional they know or trust. If they have used that particular plumber in the past and are prepared to say that they are a good or professional, then choose them as your next plumber.

  1. Ask your local building office

Your building office is likely to have connections with builders and real estate agents in the area who may be able to make recommendations as well.

  1. Contact various plumbing companies

Plumbers necessitate certification and licensing from the state. You can check what licenses are needed for the state you are interested in on the internet or talk to professionals about who to contact for plumbing services. Visit the website of your local building office or town hall and ask them to refer you to a plumbing service provider in your area, who is trustworthy and certified by that local government.

  1. Look in your Yellow Pages

Your Yellow Page is a good place to look for plumbing services. Call around first, and choose the one who responds to you the quickest. Contact that one and ask for a referral or recommendation from them. If you are ready to spend money on a plumber, keep in mind that you are trying to find someone reliable rather than cheap. It is usually best not to choose the first plumber you talk to, but instead try and go through several before finally making a choice.

  1. Ask friends and neighbors

Find what other people in your area have used as plumbers or are using now and ask for their referrals. However, check to see if you can trust their recommendations. If they are staying in your area and have asked for a plumber’s help, then it is likely that they have had one before or are currently handling problems with their plumbing.

  1. Use online resources

If you have internet access, you can use online resources to find a local plumber. In addition to Google, Yahoo and other search engines, there are various websites devoted to finding a plumber online – such as the ones listed below:

  1. Visit the library or CPR website

You can also find books on plumbing at the library or books on-line at the website of the Community Plumbing Research Program (CPR). Online, you will learn about how to identify a plumber of your choice and how to choose a plumber in general. When looking for a plumber in your area, look for one licensed by the state to which you belong.