St Francis College a world class place to your daughter

Are you planning to get admission to a school for your daughter? If so, you are so lucky because St Francis College in Hertfordshire gives you an opportunity. St. Francis College is a world-class school giving education to girls aged between 3 and 18. St. Francis College is a private independent school for girls students who wish for education and boarding. The top-notch education pattern and system of teaching are major highlights of the school. The school offers quality education to the students. An innovative approach and a new style of teaching make students brilliant. The scope of growth for your daughter is high in this school.

Why St. Francis College is different

The school differs from other educational institutions by its unique way of coaching. The school management takes special interest while recruiting students by giving preference to the students who have interest in all activities including education. The education system is based on imparting education knowledge to the students along with skill-based activities. The student is prepared in such a way that she gets mental strength and power to face the new world. Moreover, she will be trained to face the new world after finishing the education. The social responsibility of the student is increased tremendously.

Individual attention is given by the management

The students’ individual talent is raised and nurtured once she joins the college. An individual mentor is allotted to each student for improving her skills and value. The students are taught how to respect others and tackling world challenges. The class education is based on interactive sessions like a seminar in a college. Each student is given abundant opportunities to discuss various topics and interact with other students in the class. Each student is given individual goals and tips to accomplish the same. The college is able to achieve the goals by its modern and traditional values for years together. Many of the students of the college are leading a successful life nowadays.

Alumni meeting for present students

Each year the college management is organizing alumni meetings for the present students. So, they arrange past students gathering with the present students. During the meeting, the past students share their valuable experiences and suggestions. The present students learn a lot about their future and the existing challenges they have in the outside world. The boarding facility to the students is another milestone of the college. Yes, the boarding system imparts social values to the students. The students are allowed to mingle with all staff in the college. The girl students are given full freedom to express their suggestions, grievances if any and opinions to the counsellor who is allotted.

On the whole, your daughter is developed into a fully matured individual with a multitude of talents

Contact management for admission

Are you a parent of a girl child looking for admission to St. Francis College? If yes, you can contact the admin of the college directly or over email or phone number.